Friday, November 2, 2007

Gluten- Free Pizza at Aurelio's-UPDATE

UPDATE_ Please read response by Kris in the comment section. I will forward all info to Team Aurelios"s. What Kris and her husband discovered is scary-so please be aware that if you choose to eat out at ANYWHERE, there is ALWAYS the possible (and probable) cross contamination issues! I have eaten the GF pizza at Aurelios, and did not have any outward reactions, but that doesn't mean that I didn't ingest gluten due to cross contamination issues.

All Aurelio's locations now carry a gluten- free personal size pizza. I have had the gluten-free pizza in Frankfort, IL, and was told by fellow celiacs that other locations were now carrying them. I recently wrote to Aurelio's and "John" from the Aurelio's Team told me that all locations now serve gluten - free pizza.

It has been rumored that a member of the Aurelio's Team has a relative with Celiac Disease and that is why they developed a gluten- free pizza. The pizza is good and the crust is thicker than what I like. If Aurelio's could use the same thin crust that Foods by George uses for their pizza, they would have a real winner.

I am not sure how each location handles cross contamination issues. Are they using a separate spoon and sauce bowl? Do they change gloves or wash their hands before they make the gluten -free pizza? Can they assure us that all ingredients are safe and have not come into contact with any wheat (gluten)? These are issues that I think we need to think about and share with the restaurants that we patronize.