Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gluten Free and Autistic Spectrum Disorders

I have a theory that I want to share with anyone who will listen. I do believe that a gluten free diet would benefit children on the spectrum. Gluten is a toxic protein for everyone. We cannot digest it properly and thus chaos erupts! I cannot tell you how many people I have met that have children on the spectrum and also have celiac disease. I believe there is a connection. My own son has spectrum issues.

I believe 30% of all Americans carry these celiac genes. Wouldn't it be something if we could find out what specific genes these children on the spectrum have in common! I also believe that the genes are triggered by the vaccination schedules. I am not against vaccinations, however, I would suggest that you develop your own schedule and ask the doctors to separate them (especially the MMR). They can do this, but this is inconvenient for the doctor. Do what you know your GUT is telling you! (No pun intended)

Many parents say that the GF diet doesn't work for their children. If you cheat once in a while and give them a gluten-filled snack, it won't work. Also, you may not be aware of the hidden gluten-containing ingredients in everyday foods- Rice Krispy treats have malt flavoring (malt is made from barley and that contains gluten!)

You may be toasting their GF bread in the same toaster that you toast your Wonder bread. This is a cross-contamination issue. Crumbs can contaminate the GF bread etc...

If you are going to try a GF diet for your child on the spectrum, you need to educate yourself on the hidden gluten containing ingredients, why you can not cheat, and possible cross contamination issues in your kitchen.

I have not mention casein free (CF) information because I do not know enough about this to share. Please visit http://www.gfcfdiet.com/

Sunday, October 26, 2008

From my son, Ricky....PLEASE RECYCLE!

Is your prescription gluten-free?

If you take meds (over -the -counter or prescribed by a doctor) you need to know if they are gluten-free. Don't assume the pharmacist or doctor will know. My experience is that they do not know and it is up to you to find out. Check out www.glutenfreedrugs.com for information.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, November 12, 2008 - 6:30 - 8:00pm
2008 Update: What's New in the Treatment of Celiac Disease

Speaker:Location:Other Event Info:RSVP:
Mark DeMeo, MD, Director, Adult Celiac Disease Program at Rush Rush University Medical Center Armour Academic Facility, Room 540 600 S. Paulina, Chicago, IL 60612 312-942-8570

Dr. Mark DeMeo is the head of the Adult Celiac Disease Program at Rush. At this free seminar, he will be provide patients with the latest news and research in the management and treatment of celiac disease. Transportation Info: By Car: Rush University Medical Center is located off the Eisenhower Expressway (I-290) at Paulina/Ashland. From the east, take a left a the light onto Ashland, and then a right onto Harrison. Follow signs for the parking garage. From the west, take the Paulina/Ashland exit, then take a right onto Ashland and then your next right onto Harrison. Follow signs for the parking garage. For more information and directions, visit http://www.rush.edu/. By Train: Metra riders to Union Station then the #7 bus to Paulina. From Northwestern Train Station, #7 bus from Canal and Jackson to Paulina Street.

Every Month
Check for support group information on the right hand side of this website under support groups in your area!

ALLERGAROO-All Natural Ready Made Dishes

I cannot tell you enough how great the GF Cooking Expo was-Great Job JEN! Another of my favorite vendors was ALLERGAROO http://www.allergaroo.com/ This awesome company was founded by Tabor, a mother of 2 children with multiple food allergies. The products are free of the 8 most common food allergens: wheat/gluten, milk, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, fish and shellfish.

Each 8 oz. package of Chili Mac, Spyglass Noodles and Spaghetti are microwave ready. I tried the Chili Mac and it was fantastic. These ready to take meals would be great for on -the- go people, travel, and quick after school meals. I highly recommend them.

Tabor said that they are available at some Jewel Stores in the Chicagoland area. For more information call her at 314-256-1433 or email her at info@allergaroo.com

GF Bread by Andrea's Fine Foods

I had a fantastic time at the GF Cooking Expo in Oakbrook, IL. It was a great 2 days and I enjoyed talking to everyone. There were a lot of great vendors at this event. One of my favorite vendors was Andrea's Fine Foods http://www.andreasfinefood.com/ She had sandwich bread for sale ($7/loaf).

I tired it and immediately thought it was the best bread I have ever tasted! I swear you will enjoy it! You don't even have to toast it! I am down to my last loaf (freezes nicely) and will be buying more. Please contact her at 636-536-9953 or visit http://www.andreasfinefood.com/. She is looking for support groups in the area to contact her-she wants you to try her bread for FREE!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

GF Foods become tastier!

From Digestive Health SmartBrief
Gluten-free foods becoming tastier, more healthful
Companies are using more diverse ingredients and baking techniques that add taste, texture and healthful ingredients to gluten-free foods. One new trend is the use of ancient grains -- amaranth, quinoa and teff -- that do not have the gluten proteins that trigger celiac disease and also don't require the addition of fat and sugar to make the food palatable and help it stick together. Los Angeles Times (free registration) (7/7)

Gluten-free is the new health trend: Going gluten-free is a growing trend, and it's not just celiac disease patients who are adopting the diet. Some people believe a diet without gluten is just healthier or can help relieve digestive problems and boost energy. Los Angeles Times (free registration) (7/7)