Sunday, June 22, 2008

Celiac Disease Foundation & Juice PLUS+

I am a member of the Celiac Disease Foundation and just finished reading the Winter 2008 newsletter. I have been eating Juice PLUS (fruits, vegetables & grains) capsules for sometime. I was pleasantly surprised to listed on page 9, "Product News", of the CDF newsletter.

It stated, "Juice PLUS+ capsules are regularly tested using Tepnel ELISA methodology (AOAC method 991.19) for the presence of gluten, and can be classified according to the Codex Alimentarius Commission standard as gluten free."

I am a wellness educator and I enjoy educating people on the relationship between nutrition and disease. I do recommend Juice PLUS+ to everyone. It has been clinically proven to put the immune system into balance. Anyone with an autoimmune disease, or any disease, can benefit from better nutrition. Juice PLUS+ is whole food nutrition.

If you would like to order Juice PLUS+, please visit A portion of the proceeds, generated from customers with celiac disease, will be donated to the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center.

To become a member of CDF visit

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