Monday, December 31, 2007

Biaggi's Ristorante Italliano

My girlfriend Cindy and I wanted to have a nice holiday dinner together, so I suggested Biaggi's in Naperville. I have heard great things about this restaurant from people in my gluten-free support group. I downloaded the menu, called ahead and talked with the manager and chef John Brandou. I asked the usual questions regarding cross-contamination issues in the kitchen. I was assured that the pasta was gluten-free (they use Tinky'ada) and they use a separate pot and tongs. John was a delight to talk to and he was well aware of my dietary needs.

I was so excited when my meal came to the table! I ordered Farfalle Alfredo which had grilled chicken, GF spinach pasta, roasted red peppers, crispy Italian cured ham, sauteed red onion and peas tossed in an alfredo sauce with asiago cheese. It was so delicious ans creamy that I ate the whole thing! For dessert I had the raspberry sorbet which was very nice too!

Call ahead for a reservation 630.428.8500. They have a real gluten free menu! You can also download one from

When eating out, there is always a risk that a person with Celiac Disease could become sick. You need to decide for yourself if you want to dine at Biaggi's. Call and ask to talk with John. Bon Appetite!


moon2301 said...

Thanks for the tip on Biaggi's in Naperville! We had a family celebration there and it was as good as you said. The gluten-free menu was in a plastic sleeve like a "normal" menu and there was tons of stuff to choose from. It was nice to not have to explain to the staff about celiac--I felt like they get it. I had the farfalle alfredo, too, and it was divine! What a treat to have pasta in a restaurant instead of the usual plain, sauceless meat or fish. Everyone in my family enjoyed their food and I'm sure we'll be back many times. I appreciate your restaurant reviews--keep em coming!

canary46 said...

Thanks for the new Chicago-area GF blog. Like most, I'm always looking for new GF restaurants.
Thanks also for posting info about the upcoming GF Expo (very interesting but pricey for a single individual seeking to self-educate) & others, including Whole Foods. Actually, the WF info makes me angry--GF food is expensive enof (as are all groceries). The WF is near me, but I don't think it's worth the expense.
Please keep sharing!