Monday, March 10, 2008

Rose's Wheat - Free Bakery, Evanston

Rose's WheatFree Bakery Is Open!
Allergy-friendly, Roses’ Wheatfree Bakery delivers absolutely delicious 100% gluten and casein free baked goods. Enjoy our oven fresh breads, buns, pastries, cookies, pizza crust and cakes. Custom wedding and birthday cakes are our specialty!
Viisit our retail location and cafe at 2901 Central Street, Evanston, Illinois.
You can always reach us at 847-859-2723.
Soon, you will be able to order online here at


AnnT said...
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AnnT said...

Finally! I've had the bread from Rose's and it's delicious - almost like the real thing. My husband even is willing to eat it. I also tried the carrot cake, which is very good (and nicely decorated). Looking forward to trying the pizza crust. Thanks Rose!